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Confession of a Virgin Sex Columnist by Kay Marie

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Looking for job as journalist Skyler Quinn finds a sex columnist job. That is perfect she wants to write and she want to work at that magazine. But what is wrong here? Nothing except she is a virgin and she suppose to write about sex. She lives in New York with her best friend Bridget. They are together since they are babies, three of them. Three? Yes there was Bridget‘s older brother Oliver. When they goes to college they are become two of them.
Sky has a big secret. No one knows that she is a virgin except all of you. She desperate needs to tell her secret to Bridget and to ask her for help with that column. But when she get home something went wrong.
I was captivated by the title of this book, it’s so intriguing. But I must tell you that there in the book it’s very little of that sex column stuff. I was expected that the author will be concentrate on that with the column, how Skyler manage to write it and from where she get help, but that is just mentioned by the way not elaborated. The author’s attention is to describe how Skyler manage to live with her unfulfilled love and how she lives with her big secret. It’s not bad at all. The story keeps me reading, which is expected because I was curious to find what Skyler will do, how she will survived after revealing the secret and how her love life will be in the end.
Skyler is great girl in her twenties and somehow she is virgin. She keeps that in secret, but when she spokes that loud that become a mistake. She gets on my nerves with that Ollie stuff: Ollie this, Ollie that. She has that great opportunity to finds love, she doesn’t grub it, but in the end everything goes like suppose to be.
Bridget is funny girl, she doesn’t thing just react and that gives to the situation funny end. She is friend that everyone supposes to have.
Bridget’s brother Oliver is careless man. I start to like him right the way he shows up in the book. I don’t like the things how it seems that are, but there deep in the book I realized why he does, what he does.
I recommend this book to everyone who loves light and funny, romantic books.

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