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One and Only


What would one woman want more then quite life for herself? I mean really quite life, one boyfriend and great work and friends.

Harper James is divorce attorney and she is really hard with her cases in courtroom. She had one divorce behind herself and she knows how it is to be young and full with love and then everything to stop and break in pieces. But those times are over she is strong now and she has the most popular and handsome fireman in her island besides her as her boyfriend of course. But one day her sister will call her and tells her that she will marry again. Harper’s future brother in law is her Nick’s brother. Nick is her ex. Oh, I know this is madness! But wait to read this: she will be forced to trip with her ex. That is madness!!!

I was trapped till the end of this book and when the end goes I wanted more. This is captivating and warm story will laugh you and left you with heart filled with warmness and long lasting sense of satisfaction. There are plenty scenes where, you know, time is stopped and everything goes slowly and the moments of happiness filled between main characters.

Harper is woman with strong spirit. She knows what she wants and she is realist in that point that her realism hurts. She is convinced that love is not enough one relationship to last, but there are more important things. She likes her boyfriend, but that isn’t love. To be honest I don’t like him at all. Which man calls his girlfriend “dude”!? Very romantic! But how the story goes I was sorry for him.

Nick, on the other hand, is very intelligent and careful and wonderful. He is that kind of man that patiently waits and grub that woman that he is thinks that is his. I hate his don’t understanding Harper why she left their home in the past, but he was intelligent enough to understand that till the end.

I recommend this book to everyone who loves romance with funny parts.

This book was borrowed from one of my students. Thank you Mila!