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Books are my life is blog about books.Here you will find my thoughts about books I've read and promo posts,guest posts, interview with an author,everything related with the books. I will appreciated if you post a comment when you visit my blog and say what you think about it, whether that positive or negative.

Nicole Wellston realized that falling in love would bring her just pain. She was working in the biggest publishing company in New York and didn’t want anything but her job. With head into the books, she enjoyed in fictional characters more than the real ones.
Nicole had nothing to lose she already lost everything except her job.She worked hard and did her best to hide her loneliness, assuring her four supportive friends even herself that everything was perfect in her life. They knew that she needed love in her life or she would "kill" herself working, and they arranged her blind dates. According to Nicole, men who were chosen by her friends were a complete disaster. Nicole wanted to enjoy in the perfection of fictional characters instead of going on dates with those men.
One night Nicole went out with her friends and met Sebastian, a good looking psychoanalyst. His athletic body and dark green eyes would make her believe that everything was possible.
No matter how hard Nicole tried to find him a flaw, she could not, he was perfect.
After one beautiful and romantic weekend in Aspen Nicole and Sebastian were back in New York, happier and engaged, but Nicole read the article that one magazine published about her exposing her previous life with a shameful secret which wasn't true. She ran away.
Did Sebastian love her enough to find her and bring her back?

Confession of a Virgin Sex Columnist by Kay Marie

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Looking for job as journalist Skyler Quinn finds a sex columnist job. That is perfect she wants to write and she want to work at that magazine. But what is wrong here? Nothing except she is a virgin and she suppose to write about sex. She lives in New York with her best friend Bridget. They are together since they are babies, three of them. Three? Yes there was Bridget‘s older brother Oliver. When they goes to college they are become two of them.
Sky has a big secret. No one knows that she is a virgin except all of you. She desperate needs to tell her secret to Bridget and to ask her for help with that column. But when she get home something went wrong.
I was captivated by the title of this book, it’s so intriguing. But I must tell you that there in the book it’s very little of that sex column stuff. I was expected that the author will be concentrate on that with the column, how Skyler manage to write it and from where she get help, but that is just mentioned by the way not elaborated. The author’s attention is to describe how Skyler manage to live with her unfulfilled love and how she lives with her big secret. It’s not bad at all. The story keeps me reading, which is expected because I was curious to find what Skyler will do, how she will survived after revealing the secret and how her love life will be in the end.
Skyler is great girl in her twenties and somehow she is virgin. She keeps that in secret, but when she spokes that loud that become a mistake. She gets on my nerves with that Ollie stuff: Ollie this, Ollie that. She has that great opportunity to finds love, she doesn’t grub it, but in the end everything goes like suppose to be.
Bridget is funny girl, she doesn’t thing just react and that gives to the situation funny end. She is friend that everyone supposes to have.
Bridget’s brother Oliver is careless man. I start to like him right the way he shows up in the book. I don’t like the things how it seems that are, but there deep in the book I realized why he does, what he does.
I recommend this book to everyone who loves light and funny, romantic books.

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Plan Bea by Hilary Grossman-review

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I will tell you: What a book! I’m very pleased and happy that I have opportunity to read this book. Thank you, Hillary. Plan Bea is in my favorite books list from now. I love this book!

The story is captivates me from the beginning and I could wait to read more and more. It starts like  light and funny story and then when the secrets come out I couldn’t stop myself crying, then the very big twist on the end was so unexpected and very interesting. Maybe I was predicting something, but not that. When I start reading this book I thought that it is one more light and laughing book, but I get wrong it is very profound and depth book. The relationship between mother and daughter is in the center of the story. It’s about how relationship between mother and daughter   can be easily broken and rebuild again.

Anna is wonderful person, who could easily love. She can’t say no to anyone, even if that could cost her own peace. When someone asks her something she doesn’t wait just accepts and she always is willing to help.

Beatrice is woman with iron heart, very strong and full of herself. Always things have reason why is that like it is, so Bea has reasons why is like she is, I understand that in the half of the book, when some of the secrets are revealed.

I recommend this book to everyone how loves good book, not just to everyone who like chick lit, but to everyone, because this book has everything that one amazing read can has: great story, well developed characters and twist, which brings in the book excitement.

This book was provided by the author.

One and Only


What would one woman want more then quite life for herself? I mean really quite life, one boyfriend and great work and friends.

Harper James is divorce attorney and she is really hard with her cases in courtroom. She had one divorce behind herself and she knows how it is to be young and full with love and then everything to stop and break in pieces. But those times are over she is strong now and she has the most popular and handsome fireman in her island besides her as her boyfriend of course. But one day her sister will call her and tells her that she will marry again. Harper’s future brother in law is her Nick’s brother. Nick is her ex. Oh, I know this is madness! But wait to read this: she will be forced to trip with her ex. That is madness!!!

I was trapped till the end of this book and when the end goes I wanted more. This is captivating and warm story will laugh you and left you with heart filled with warmness and long lasting sense of satisfaction. There are plenty scenes where, you know, time is stopped and everything goes slowly and the moments of happiness filled between main characters.

Harper is woman with strong spirit. She knows what she wants and she is realist in that point that her realism hurts. She is convinced that love is not enough one relationship to last, but there are more important things. She likes her boyfriend, but that isn’t love. To be honest I don’t like him at all. Which man calls his girlfriend “dude”!? Very romantic! But how the story goes I was sorry for him.

Nick, on the other hand, is very intelligent and careful and wonderful. He is that kind of man that patiently waits and grub that woman that he is thinks that is his. I hate his don’t understanding Harper why she left their home in the past, but he was intelligent enough to understand that till the end.

I recommend this book to everyone who loves romance with funny parts.

This book was borrowed from one of my students. Thank you Mila!

Books are my life

Books are my life is blog about books.Here you will find my thoughts about books I've read and promo posts,guest posts, interview with an author,everything related with the books. I will appreciated if you post a comment when you visit my blog and say what you think about it, whether that positive or negative.